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Back to School Safety: The Role of Imaging in Assessing Injuries

Back to School Safety: The Role of Imaging in Assessing Injuries
Back to School Safety: The Role of Imaging in Assessing Injuries

The school year is underway, and sports are an excellent outlet for managing stress and improving focus for our kids. With the increase in participation, the risk of accidents and injuries is on the rise. In fact, over 3.5 million children sustain injuries playing sports or participating in recreational activities each year.1

Medical imaging becomes essential when guiding an injured player toward recovery. As children grow and develop, sports injuries and accidents are common. Injuries in children, teens and adolescents, such as fractures, strains, sprains, and concussions are common. Diagnosing the injuries is crucial to ensuring a treatment plan that prevents long-term effects.

When an injury or accident happens, parents should know their options regarding medical imaging. Learn about the different imaging options for various injuries.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging provides a glimpse into soft tissue injuries. If you suspect your child has a soft tissue injury, like a muscle, ligament, or tendon, an MRI scan is the way to go. Powerful magnets and radio waves produce detailed images to identify the source of your child's pain.

After a sports accident, an X-ray provides valuable information. The insight an X-ray offers can help plan your child's medical treatment. An X-ray will reveal broken bones, dislocations, bone anomalies, and other injuries.

Ultrasound (sonography) is an easy and safe option for an injured child. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves and examines internal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, and pancreas.

CT scan
Computed tomography scans offer a more detailed view. CT scans have a higher radiation dose than X-rays. These scans provide three-dimensional images to help doctors better understand injuries, and the benefits far outweigh the risks. A CT scan can evaluate blood vessels throughout the body and locate areas of trauma or tumors.

Imaging provides physicians and healthcare providers with important information that guides treatment decisions, and helps them develop comprehensive rehabilitation plans. Accurate insights and reports for physicians can help them better promote healing, restore function, and prevent long-term issues for your growing children, teens or adolescents.

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