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Your doctor ordered a medical imaging exam...
but it is your CHOICE where you can go!

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Houston MRI® & Diagnostic imaging


The cost of an imaging study at a hospital owned imaging center can be 2 to 6 times more than at Houston MRI® & Diagnostic Imaging. Why?!

  • Less Overhead. With fewer layers of management, less hours of operation and no government bureaucracy, Houston MRI® passes those savings to you…the patient! Giving you more $$$ to use for the treatment of your condition!
  • More Focused Services. Houston MRI® specializes in performing the more common, non-invasive radiology tests which do not require hospital level care. This affords further savings to you and also quicker exam times since hospitalized patients are not in your way.


Your time is valuable, and we respect your time at Houston MRI ®.

  • Convenient Locations. With 7 convenient locations (and a seventh opening in 2023 in Friendswood) around the Houston metropolitan area, we strive to be your neighborhood imaging center to fit your busy schedule. We strive to add additional locations and ensure that parking is ample and free!
  • Shorter Wait Times. Hospital owned imaging centers have lengthy wait times due to emergency needs.  At Houston MRI & Diagnostic Imaging, we value your time.


Insurance reimbursements for hospital-owned centers are much higher than Houston MRI®. By choosing Houston MRI®, healthcare cost savings are passed onto the patients and the healthcare industry as a whole. Our IN-Network pricing is ALWAYS less expensive than the hospital, thus passing on the saving to you to focus on your treatments.


At Houston MRI ®, we strive to provide a comforting and warm atmosphere. We want your experience to be less stressful than being in a hospital. Hospitals inherently increase anxiety, and why go there if you don’t have to be there in the first place! We want your experience to be easy, pleasant and relaxing.

Technology and Expertise

Higher cost does not equal higher quality.

  • Up to date imaging equipment. All our equipment is up to date and appropriately credentialed just like a hospital.  Although hospitals may have the latest “experimental” versions, they are not more diagnostic than ours and that means cost savings to you.
  • Patient and Provider Portals. They are your pictures and you have access to them always. At Houston MRI®, we invest in technology to provide a more efficient and cost-effective experience for the patients and healthcare providers.
  • Radiologists and Technologists. At Houston MRI®, our radiologists and technologists achieve the same credentialing as hospital-based personnel.