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Can you see nerve damage in an MRI?

Can you see nerve damage in an MRI?
Can you see nerve damage in an MRI?

nerve damage in an MRI

Neck or low back pain that radiates into your arms or legs is often a sign of impingement or pinching of a nerve as it emerges from your spinal cord. An MRI may be able help identify structural lesions that may be pressing against the nerve so the problem can be corrected before permanent nerve damage occurs.

Nerve damage can usually be diagnosed based on a neurological examination and can be correlated by MRI scan findings. The MRI scan images are obtained with a magnetic field and radio waves. No harmful ionizing radiation is used.

The MRI can show you a picture of the spine from the side as if it was sliced from top to bottom (sagittal view). This view allows your doctor to see the vertebrae and discs present between them and identify any abnormality in these structures.

The MRI can also provide cross-sectional images of the spine (axial view). Your doctor will be able to see the spinal cord as a grey area in the middle surrounded by a white area which is the spinal fluid. There are little white channels on either side of the spinal cord where the nerve roots come out from the spinal cord.

The conditions that may be causing nerve damage that can be identified by MRI include spinal cord compression or fracture, arthritic changes, tumors pressing on a nerve, or herniated vertebral discs.

Nerve damage often progressively gets worse and cannot be completely cured, but symptoms can be reduced with prompt treatment. So it's important to be evaluated and diagnosed as soon as possible for suspected signs and symptoms of nerve injury.
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