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CT Scans and Radiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

CT Scans and Radiation: Separating Fact from Fiction
CT Scans and Radiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

Medical technology has come a long way. We live in a time when we can diagnose and treat diseases earlier than ever. With new technology in radiology and imaging, today’s patients can have clear answers to what is ailing them in record time.

Patients receive various diagnoses from CT scans that greatly benefit their lives. Typical uses of CT scan (computed tomography) include checking for tumors, blood clots, internal bleeding ,infections and diagnosing muscle and bone diseases.

Many patients worry about the safety of these scans and weigh the radiation risk involved. Let's separate fact from fiction better to understand the potential risks and benefits of these scans.

  • Fact # 1: CT Scans utilize 3 dimensional images to create detailed pictures of the body. Images of your body's bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues get taken in better detail than with an X-ray.
  • Fact # 2: New CT machines use dose-reduction technology to minimize radiation. The risk is relatively low, as the person's weight and size are considered when scanning. Doctors use the lowest radiation dose possible to obtain the needed medical information.
  • Fact # 3: The benefits outweigh the risks, as receiving an early and accurate diagnosis leads to effective treatment plans compared to the small radiation exposure.
  • Fact # 4: Patients receive protection from unnecessary radiation exposure by technologists using lead aprons. CT scans are prescribed only when clinically necessary.
  • Fact # 5: Pediatric protocols are routinely available and used to significantly reduce the dose compared to adult doses.

CT scans are a vital diagnostic tool that saves lives. CT scans offer enormous benefits that outweigh any small potential radiation risk. If you have undergone a CT scan in the past, inform your referring physician to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure.

Modern medicine relies on CT scans. Houston MRI adheres to safety protocols and utilizes the latest imaging technology. Houston MRI offers affordable imaging services throughout the Houston metro area.

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