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Diagnosing Spine Pain with Imaging Tests

Diagnosing Spine Pain with Imaging Tests
Diagnosing Spine Pain with Imaging Tests

.Diagnosing Spine Pain with Imaging Tests

Back and neck pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor or go to urgent care. Experiencing back pain that doesn't go away and potentially gets worse over time can leave you stressed and unsure how to treat it. A visit to your doctor to examine your range of motion, nerve function, and imaging tests to locate the area of discomfort is recommended.

The good news is that there are several types of imaging tests used to pinpoint the source of back and neck pain. Your doctor may recommend one of these imaging tests:

XRAY: An X-ray can rule out causes of back and neck pain, such as an infection, tumor, spinal alignment issues, broken bones, and spinal deformities.

MRI: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI ) takes a detailed picture of your spine. The MRI will pick up most injuries in your spine and see changes that happen with aging, such as disc herniations and stenosis of the spine.

CT Scan: A Computerized Tomography Scan (CT scan) is used with a contrast dye injected into the spinal canal for a clearer view of soft tissues and connective tissue problems.

Talk to your doctor about what test is needed for your spine pain. Your provider will recommend scheduling an imaging test if you have signs of severe or worsening nerve damage, loss of bladder control, loss of muscle power, or feelings in the legs.

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