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Important Questions to Consider when Choosing an MRI Facility

Important Questions to Consider when Choosing an MRI Facility
Important Questions to Consider when Choosing an MRI Facility

Injuries or accidents occur unexpectedly leaving you no choice but to deal with the situation. Also, there are times when your doctor needs to look further into your medical condition and will order a radiology test to get pictures of your insides (anatomy). X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and Ultrasounds are the radiology tests commonly used to do this and you will be sent to the hospital or outpatient imaging facility (commonly called an MRI Facility). However, when it comes to getting an MRI scan to evaluate your condition, you do have choices. You do not have to go where your doctor wants you to go but you must have his/her prescription for the ordered exam. Here are some questions to aid you in choosing a state-of-the-art MRI facility that offers uncompromising high-quality service at an affordable price.

What’s the cost of an MRI at the facility versus a hospital?

An injury or medical condition can put a heavy strain on your financial resources, particularly if you have high deductible health insurance. The charges for getting your MRI scan done at a hospital can be up to 3 times higher as compared to Houston MRI® & Diagnostic Imaging. This is partly because hospitals have higher operational costs and can charge most commercial insurance companies a facility fee. So, if you can get a high-quality MRI scan at a significantly lower price, that would be a wise decision.

Is the MRI facility equipped with the most modern technology?

At Houston MRI® & Diagnostic Imaging we utilize advanced MRI scanner systems producing high-resolution images that show small details clearly and require shorter scan time. Our machines are accredited in the same fashion and by the same institutions that accredit the hospitals. Without compromising image quality, our scanner provides a comfortable exam for claustrophobic patients. Our MRI machines are capable of accommodating larger patients, with a table weight limit of 350 lbs. The high-quality services provided by Houston MRI® & Diagnostic Imaging are proof that higher cost does NOT mean higher quality.

Is the Radiology team well qualified and experienced?

All of our technologists are certified to work on the MRI machines. Our team of radiologists is comprised of board certified and fellowship-trained experts with a great deal of experience in the various subspecialties of Radiology. Our support staff and technologists are dedicated to offering a personalized approach to ensure you and your family have a positive experience. The accreditation process our staff undergoes is the same as the staff at the hospitals. The only difference is the money you will save!!

Does the MRI facility work in partnership with the referring physician?

Your referring physician is the person most familiar with you and is probably the best person to discuss the findings of the MRI with you. With a view to shorten turnaround times and speed up reporting, all MRI studies and diagnostic reports are available to referring physicians via our online web-based archival storage (PACS). However, unlike hospitals and other imaging facilities, Houston MRI® does NOT have financial partnerships or arrangements with any referring physicians making us a very unbiased placed to receive your exams.

Does the MRI facility provide an online portal?

The patient experience has changed in medicine and you should choose an MRI facility that has adapted to those changes. At Houston MRI® & Diagnostic Imaging, we provide a convenient HIPAA compliant online portal for patients and physicians. This allows patients to make appointments and access reports quickly and with ease.

How convenient is it to travel to the MRI facility?

We offer affordable, high quality, advanced medical imaging and testing services at 5 convenient locations across the Greater Houston Metro Area. At Houston MRI® & Diagnostic Imaging you can be assured of easily accessible and affordable medical diagnostic imaging in a warm and patient-friendly environment close to home.

Our mission at Houston MRI ® & Diagnostic Imaging is to provide the patients and physicians with affordable medical diagnostic imaging in a warm and patient friendly environment. It is our goal to make the medical imaging procedure as pleasant as possible. Our promise to our communities is "hospital quality imaging without the hospital costs" with efficient service to both our patients and physicians.