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Need an MRI? You Have Choices.

Need an MRI? You Have Choices.
Need an MRI? You Have Choices.

Did you know that you can choose where to have your MRI or imaging study? When choosing an imaging center, take a moment to consider cost, equipment, and location.

Shop around. Ask your doctor for your exam prescription so that you have the freedom to pick where to go. With healthcare expenses on the rise, it is important to learn about affordable options offered at local imaging centers.

There is no need to pay extra fees or high prices. The cost of an MRI varies significantly from facility to facility. Local MRI facilities are typically more cost-effective than an MRI at a hospital.

Most local imaging centers offer the same or better quality than the hospital has to offer, with less expensive fees. Consider a stand alone center equipped with the latest technology with advanced scanner systems.

MRI centers have robust health screening in place to ensure your and your family are safe from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.

The bottom line is that you have choices when it comes to your imaging tests. Choose an affordable, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center close to home. Save time and money, while getting great quality results.

Houston MRI offers hospital quality imaging without hospital costs. With 6 convenient locations across the Houston metro area, you can get an affordable MRI close to home.

Contact our team at (713)425-8190 to learn about our affordable imaging services and schedule an appointment.

Our mission at Houston MRI ® & Diagnostic Imaging is to provide the patients and physicians with affordable medical diagnostic imaging in a warm and patient-friendly environment. It is our goal to make the medical imaging procedure as pleasant as possible. Our promise to our communities is "hospital quality imaging without the hospital costs" with efficient service to both our patients and physicians.