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Prioritizing Men’s Health

Prioritizing Men’s Health
Prioritizing Men’s Health

In recognition of Men's Health Month, we are committed to raising awareness about preventable health problems affecting men. Men tend to avoid the doctor when they experience a health concern. A man's average life expectancy in the US is approximately 75 years, while women have a longer life expectancy.1 Fewer health screenings for men and trips to the doctors can contribute to this discrepancy.

Getting proper screenings and necessary medical tests annually are critical to preventing and treating many of the health conditions common in men. Advancements in medical technology now make it possible to diagnose many male-related health conditions accurately. Some common and deadly cancer conditions, like prostate cancer, can be caught early and treated for a longer lifespan. Prostate cancer does not cause symptoms in its early stages. Therefore, screenings and annual checkups are crucial. Imaging tests like a CT scan can detect various cancers following a physical examination and blood screening.

Heart disease is another health issue for men. We lose one person to cardiovascular disease every 34 seconds in the US.3 Cardiac imaging captures pictures of the heart and its surrounding tissues, so healthcare providers can diagnose and treat heart conditions. An ultrasound screening for heart disease can save lives though preventive screening.

With more than 37 million Americans suffering from diabetes, early detection is important.4 Healthcare providers can detect diabetes with an MRI and other medical tests.

Early detection is vital in preventing cancer, heart disease, and diabetes in men. This June, remind your loved one to get a checkup. In the case of preventable health problems, early detection and treatment are critical. Prioritize the health of men this June!

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