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What are Radiology Technologists?

What are Radiology Technologists?
What are Radiology Technologists?

Medical imaging plays an integral role in our health journeys, as most of us will require it at some point in our lives. Advanced technologies such as MRI, X-ray, and CT scans allow us to visualize our bones, organs, and blood vessels, aiding in disease diagnosis and ultimately saving lives.

Radiology technologists, affectionately known as "Rad Techs," ensure the effective and safe operation of these sophisticated machines. In diverse healthcare settings, ranging from hospitals to clinics and diagnostic imaging centers, Rad Techs play a crucial role in assisting patients and operating imaging equipment to provide essential medical insights.

The essential role of a Red Tech:

Rad techs operate and maintain imaging machines, such as X-ray, MRI, CT scanners, ultrasound, to ensure that these machines function accurately and produce high-quality images. Rad techs position patients correctly for imaging procedures to obtain optimal images, following protocols and techniques to ensure accurate representation of the anatomy being examined. Rad techs are responsible for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting imaging equipment to ensure its proper functionality.

Rad techs prioritize the safety and well-being of patients during imaging procedures. They follow safety protocols to minimize exposure to radiation or other potential hazards associated with the imaging equipment.

Rad techs educate patients about the imaging process, what to expect during the procedure, and any necessary preparations. They address patients' concerns and provide information to help them feel at ease. Rad techs maintain accurate and organized records of imaging procedures, patient information, and imaging results.

Behind every clear X-ray, precise MRI, and reassuring ultrasound, a dedicated professional makes it all possible. Rad techs are an integral part of imaging services, and we are grateful for the role they play in healthcare.

Our mission at Houston MRI ® & Diagnostic Imaging is to provide patients and physicians affordable medical diagnostic imaging in a warm and patient-friendly environment. It is our goal to make the medical imaging procedure as pleasant as possible. Our promise to our communities is "hospital quality imaging without the hospital costs" with efficient service to both our patients and physicians.